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After recording my GWT application, NeoLoad asks me for missing classes, which files should be added?

I was able to record my GWT application but at the end of the record, NeoLoad asked me to load jar files. I loaded the server jars but it did not work at all. Which jar files are expected by NeoLoad?

When recording a GWT application, NeoLoad deserializes the binary stream between the browser and the server.

To achieve this and convert the binary data to XML, NeoLoad needs information about what is exchanged.


Several files are needed:

  1. The serialization policies files ".gwt.rpc": these files define how to deserialize Java Classes.
  2. The GWT services classes: the services interfaces that extends "".
  3. The Java classes that are used by these GWT services: parameters, return types or exceptions.


For more information, see "Google Web Toolkit requests" under "Design" section in NeoLoad documentation.

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