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Share license from Neoload Web for execution from jenkins using neoload plugin

Hi, Using command line execution, we are able to lease the license from Neoload Web for an execution that uses local machine Neoloadcmd when the Jenkins build is triggered. However when we install the neoload plugin for Jenkins and would want to execute a test that uses licenses from Neoload Web for an execution that uses local machine Neoloadcmd, I am not seeing any configuring options for it. I see only the option of NTS as collaboration model and nothing for Neoload Web in the plugin. Please can you help me why its so and how to over come this? Thanks in advance.

Harish N.
Harish N.

Harish N.

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The NeoLoad Jenkins plugin is not updated with NeoLoad Web settings for shared license. However you can still use it in two different ways.

First you can use NeoLoad Web as license server with the Jenkins plugin as you do for NTS. But to do so you need to append /nts in your NeoLoad WEB API URL and use your token as login with no password.

As an example such URL: https://mynlwebhost:8080/nts

The second way would be to configure your NeoLoad job to use a local project and add the command line necessary options to lease a license on NeoLoad Web. Those options are described in the NeoLoad documentation here

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