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I would like to override the settings of my scenario when i start a test through command line.

I run my test through jenkins and i would like to apply a different load policy without opening again my project. Is it possible to do it with NeoLoad?

When you run a test from Jenkins with or without the NeoLoad Jenkins plugin you can add an option -project <your_yaml_file> to the command line. The content of that yaml file should contain your scenario and population settings that you would like to execute. Here is an example of such content:

- name: Jenkins
  description: My scenario modified
  - name: Population1
      users: 3
      duration: 1m
This is going to override your scenario settings assuming that your scenario name in your project is Jenkins using population1.

If you use the NeoLoad Jenkins plugin you need to add that "-project" option in the "Custom command line options" field.

For more information about all the possible options of the yaml file please look at the NeoLoad documentation here

As a side note a yaml file can also be used to define a complete NeoLoad project without the NeoLoad GUI.

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