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How to Integrate Jenkins with Neoload Web to have the current Run results get updated in Neoload Web at Jenkin trigger?

I have Jenkins configured to run Neoload Script.
The Neoload Script is configured to send its resultant status to Neoload Web.

1.I have mentioned the command "--nlweb " in jenkins
2.Enabled the option " activate data transfer to Neoload Web" in NeoloadGUI.

But still at Neoload execution via Jenkins I couldn't view the results in Neoload Web.

please find the screenshots attached, detailing the issue.
and kindly provide a solution.

The issue is in your command line under Jenkins. Using the -nlweb option is not enough you also need to add your token or your project should already be configured with the NeoLoad Web.

In your case the Jenkins Jobs is started with the user TMZ-DPC-2027$ because your slave is started as a Windows service. Since the NeoLoad Web settings are stored in the user profile who started NeoLoad and you have probably started from a different user the token cannot be retrieved.

That's why in your command line in Jenkins you should add the option "-nlwebToken <your token>" where <your token> is the token retrieved from your NeoLoad preferences or directly from NeoLoad Web.


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