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how to use old MongoDB data of neoload web which was running on other machine?


Recently i have moved neoload web to the other machine and want to have the back up of MongoDB in this machine so that previous results and users should be available in this neoload web

I have done back up of the MongoDB data using the following command:
sudo docker exec -it mongo mongodump --gzip --out /data/backup/dump-2020-07-13

I am able to restore the data but backend container and mongo container is exiting as soon as i am trying to run the neoload web.

Please help me.


Abhishek K.
Abhishek K.

Abhishek K.

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The first thing to check is the mongodb log to figure out the error. The fact that backend stopped is probably a consequence of a mongo issue.

When you start the deployment with your docker-compose file the logs should be displayed in the console. Look at the mongodb lines to get more insight of the issue.