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Can we monitor the test execution when using neoloadcmd?

I am executing my tests using NeoloadCmd. my testscripts are usually very long i want to know is there a way we can the monitor test execution steps? so that if there is a failure in my test i can quickly stop it and correct my mistake. Thank you!

Bharath B.
Bharath B.

Bharath B.

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It's a perfect use case for using NeoLoad Web - you can watch after any running test that is connected to NeoLoad Web through a web interface.

Two ways of launching such tests

  • from a Controller which is configured to connect to NeoLoad Web and which sends its data to NeoLoad Web
  • from a Controller piloted by NeoLoad Web when the test is started by NeoLoad Web.

More information here:

In terms of licensing for NeoLoad Web, you have a 30 days SaaS trial plan with the NeoLoad trial, or you can ask for a trial to your Neotys contact.

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