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Is the recorded script order will change during run time?

We have recorded and configured scripts using chrome browsers. Scripts recorded and validated with single user.
During the validation some methods in the request was not properly executed in the recorded order. It was executed after the remaining completed. Problem is those method was dependency for next one. Based on the previous result the next method will be executed. We are configured it using variable extractor concept. Due to the issue the those value extracted later and the next method executed previously with error. Please give us the solution to overcome this issue.
We are using React language with axios library for development process and HTTP request.
OS - Windows 10
Browser - Chrome(Version 79.0.3945.130 (Official Build) (64-bit))
Neoload Version - 7.1
Not included any think times. We are using the same think time which was recorded

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Rajesh A.

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By default NeoLoad replays the first request under a page and run the next ones in parallel (usually resources like images) except if the response of the first request is a redirection (HTTP 3xx). In that case it will be sequential till an HTTP 200 status is received.

So in your case it's a normal behavior. If there's a dependency in the requests you need to switch the page to be run sequentially. To do that select your page and hit the "Advanced" button in the right panel. Select the "Sequential" option.

Thanks to that option all the requests under the page will be run sequentially.