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my test scripts are not working properly after 4 to 5 executions,can you help me?

I have recorded the test script on my application and after that i have executed the same, initially without any correlation its working fine for 4 to 5 executions or more than 5(checked the app logs its looks fine)
but after some time i have executed same test script and at this time its not going good getting errors in appl logs
then to resolve the issue i have done some correlation with browserid,jsessionid, and some other but no betterment i am not understand why its happening like this
i have attached a log error please look into this issue and hope will get better solution



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The error message is pretty clear. Your script is still using an old session. Maybe your session is valid for some times but then it expires.

You should check your script as you probably forgot to handle some of the dynamic parameters.

The best is to perform twice the same recording and compare the requests in order to identify the parameters that have changed between the two recordings.

Then you just need to correlate those parameters.


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