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How to ignore 404 error API response ?

We have a GET API request which can return a 200 or 404 response. When a 404 occurs Neoload marks and considers the response as a failed one and gives error for it. In some special scenario we need to consider this response (even 404) as successful. Is it possible make such a behavior?


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Run a check virtual user of that request until you get an HTTP 404 status code. Then right mouse click on the left tree to update the recorded content. This way in the design section you will have as recorded response that 404 error. Check that it's the case.

Then to run your tests make sure that in the NeoLoad preferences under project settings tab-->Runtime parameter you have enabled the option to not raise an error in case the 404 HTTP status code occurs.

You won't get any errors on that API calls if the status code is 404.

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