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Is it possible to generate a comparison report using the command line options?

I like the way to start Neoload through the command line and automatically generate reports. But, I'm wondering if we can also automatically create a report that compares the new result to an existing one?

At the end of each load test, NeoLoad will generate a result from where you can build reports in different output (PDF, HTML, RTF and XML).

From the NeoLoad UI, you can quickly compare two different reports. Since a load test can also be launched through command line, you now have the option to compare two reports using the command line options.


Here is an example of a command line option that will compare two reports and generate a new one using PDF outputs for both:


./NeoLoadCmd -launch "scenario1" -comparisonReport 
"MytestCompared.pdf" -baseTest "15:31 - 5 sept. 2011"
-noGUI -project "/opt/neoload_projects/myproject/myproject.nlp"
-report "MyReport.pdf"


You can get all the available options launching the help command:


./NeoloadCmd -help


For more information about command line options, see the "Installation" section in NeoLoad documentation.

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