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Comparison Report : Is it possible to have multiple comparisons ?

We can produce comparison reports in NeoLoad from GUI / From commandLine execution etc. This is a great feature.

If we generate comparison report from command line execution we pass -baseTest , -comparisonReport args etc

This allows comparison between 2 reports

Can a single present execution test report be compared to more than one report in one go

for ex:
My current test execution report is - 'report1'
I want 'report1' to be compared to two other reports (say 'prevReleaseReport' & 'baselineReport') simultaneously and produce 2 comparison reports

Is it possible ?
In GUI i know this is not possible now
Can we do this in commandLine atleast in one go...
As i am automating my perf test execution in CI, if this can be done in one go..it would be great

Thanks & Warm Regards


You can't compare more than two test results in NeoLoad GUI or through command line. However in NeoLoad Web there's now some trends graphs available which is different from a comparison report but it already provides some comparison information tests after tests.

You can look at that idea here on our community web site in case you would like to add some comments.