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Can I use a different proxy for each load generators?

My controller and my load generators are not on the same network. So, they need a different proxy configuration to reach my application. Can I configure a different proxy for each one?

NeoLoad can use two different proxies configuration. One for the Internet and another one to reach your applications.

By default, all the load generators will use the same proxy settings if set in the NeoLoad preferences. In some networks, you may need to use different proxy settings on load generators.

The proxy settings is set for a zone. Thus, you need to group your load generators with the same proxy settings inside the same zone.


  1. Go to “Runtime” section
  2. Select your zone
  3. Right-click to display the “Zone advanced settings”
  4. Go to “Proxy” tab and configure your proxy


For more information, see “Runtime” section in NeoLoad documentation.

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