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I need a proxy to reach my application during a load test but it's not the same for all my Load Generators.

My Load Generators are installed on different geographical locations. As a consequence they will all have different proxy settings to reach my application. Is it feasible in NeoLoad?

By default, when you configure a proxy in the NeoLoad preferences for your application it will be common to all your Load generators.

In the case they are located on different locations, you can specify different proxy information for your Load Generators.

Actually, the specific proxy information is set at the zone level and all the Load Generators that belong to that zone will share that same proxy settings.


To do so go to Runtime section, Load Generators list, and right mouse click on one of your zones to display the “zone advanced settings”.

Select the “proxy settings” tab and configure the proxy settings for that zone.

By doing this, you will override the default proxy settings for that zone. This feature exists since NeoLoad 4.0 only.


For more information, see "Proxy" under "Preferences" section in Neoload documentation.

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