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How does NeoLoad manage cookies?

I did a Neoload recording and I know that my application is tracking the session with cookies. I can see the cookie values in Neoload requests and responses but I don't know if I have to manually handle them or if Neoload will handle them. If yes, should I have to set a specific option for that?

When you create a scenario, NeoLoad records the values of the cookies exchanged between your client (browser) and the server. When the scenario is replayed, the server sends new values which are then used by NeoLoad.

You can find a parameter in the NeoLoad populations to allows NeoLoad to handle automatically or not the cookies. If you do not change this parameter, NeoLoad will automatically use the new values sent by the server.

If you do not want NeoLoad to handle the cookies automatically, then you will have to handle them manually (extract values, use the new value in the headers). Even if you ask NeoLoad to handle the cookies automatically, NeoLoad is not able to handle the cookies created on the client side using a javascript.

To simulate this behavior in NeoLoad, you can create a javascript logical action (using the "setCookieForServer" method on the virtual user object), or modify the header of the NeoLoad request manually using an extracted value for example.


For more information about the client cookies, see sections Advanced Parameters and Variable Extractors in chapter Design in NeoLoad documentation.

For more information about the server cookies, see section setCookieForServer in NeoLoad documentation.

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