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Does Neoload creates one copy of extracted variables and the same is used among number of VU's ?

My Question has 2 parts:

1) In my scenario, I have couple of cookies coming from Login, lets say loginCookie is the extracted from login request & replaced in following requests, and I create a scenario for 10 VU's ramping up at the same time. Now coming to my question, does neoload share the same loginCookie among all virtual users or does it create several copies of the loginCookie and pass it to each VU(As each VU is a seperate thread, if i am correct) ??

The reason why i am asking is that once i run all VU's in iterations I dont want extracted values to be overridden by any VU.

2) I am trying to extract some cookies from Login request, so that i dont have to extract manually everytime i record, so I am using Framework Parameters but not able to do so. Please guide me how to proceed. I only want the value after equals operator & before the semicolon[Regular Expression: \.CPERF=(.*?);]. This is the cookie :

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path=/; HttpOnly

First of all you do not have to manually handle server cookies since they are automatically manage by NeoLoad. In other words if your cookie comes from a server response with a "Set-Cookie" you are all set.

But to answer your question if your variable extractor are local to each VU instance i.e it's not shared.

That should also answer your second question. You can try without handling your cookie and you will see that they are automatically handled.


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@Nouredine - My server response has "Set-Cookie" but when I validate, it fails because it passes the same cookies created after recording. FYI, the "Set-Cookie" received in the response of first request are utilized in latter requests.

So this indicates that these cookies are not automatically handled by neoload.

And can you please clarify when you say that " if your variable extractor are local to each VU instance i.e it's not shared." as by my understanding for a single userpath, when i create a variable extractor then it is used by all VU's..

Is there any way i can create separate copies of the same variable extractor ? .. to help understand my query please have a look at the attachments.

The left side image displays my understanding that a single variable is shared and on the right side image is my desired motto.