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Can I delete login action from a scenario?

Sorry, I am new to testing and Neoload, so I am still confused about how Neoload works.

Currently, I am testing a cloud application(an application for project management) due to its slow performance. My scenario contains three parts. The first part is to login in. The second part is a navigation page and the third part is a page with bunch of data which I would like to test for their loading time.

The question now is I only want to test the third part of the scenario, so I tried to delete the first part and second part. It seems working fine even I logged out the application, however I don't understand how does it work. Here is the doubt I have.

1. How does Neoload managed to do that?To my understand, the scenario simulate an actual user redoing the request I recorded. However, if I deleted the login scene how the virtual user know how to login? (is it related to the way neoload manage cookies or http request?) If possible, please kindly rectify my misconception also.

chun tat K.
chun tat K.

chun tat K.

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Hi Sunny, if the login is required to access the third part, i.e: if when accessing this third part directly a login is requested, then you must keep the login part.

You may wonder why you don't see errors after you removed the login. In many cases, an HTTP error is not raised: instead of getting the expected content, the server returns a redirection to the login page or an error inside a 200 OK page.

That's why it's important to use assertions to check the validity of the server response. You can read this tutorial: https://www.neotys.com/documents/doc/neoload/latest/en/ht...