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NeoLoad keeps crashing after I try to setup or run a Windows monitor. What is going on?

When I go through the wizard to monitor my Windows server, NeoLoad UI disappears after it tries to get the counter lists. It happens all the time.

NeoLoad relies on Perfmon API to monitor Microsoft products. As a consequence, it is able to monitor any Microsoft product as soon as it is possible with Perfmon.

During the communication exchanges with the monitored Windows server, a crash of NeoLoad may happen. Here is a workaround that will allow NeoLoad to bypass this error:

Note: You will lose the default monitoring configuration like default counter selection and default thresholds on non-English systems.


  1. Stop NeoLoad 
  2. Edit %install_dir%\conf\ In the [Monitors] section add: windows.translation.enabled=false
  3. Save configuration file and start NeoLoad
  4. Create your Windows monitor again


For more information, see "Microsoft monitors" under "Monitors" section in NeoLoad documentation.

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