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How to monitor remote machine from the local machine ?

The load test is running in the remote machine and I am trying to monitor that machine from my local machine (where the test is not running). I have already added the monitoring agents and machines in both the machines.
For example, Remote Machine's host name be, and the local machine's name be 192.yyy.yy.y33. Test is running in and I am trying to monitor that machine in 192.yyy.yy.y33. I am able to monitor in that machine locally but cannot monitor with 192.yyy.yy.y33. Can any please help me out with this..?

First of all, you do not need to have an agent installed on the machine that you would like to monitor. The monitoring in NeoLoad is agentless.

Then you said that you can't monitor from .33 your .22 machine. What error did you get?

Are you using the Windows monitoring? If yes make sure that the Windows user on your machine .33 has sufficient right to monitor the .22 machine.

For more information you should look at the NeoLoad documentation.

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