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NeoLoad installation hangs after choosing the language.

I'm having an installation problem with the software. When I run
"neoload_windows_<version>.exe" and choose the language, nothing happens. I see the exe file running on Task Manager but I get no response.

The Neoload installation file is an auto-extractible file that contains its own jre version.

This jre will then be used in order to launch the installation UI itself. It looks like Neoload was not able to launch the installer using its own jre.

Most of the time, this issue is due to some variable that has been set in your environment that disturbs our installer. To check that, please open a dos (command line) console and type "set" to see all the variables.

If you have one of this following variable set, please rename or unset them:







For example, rename "JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS" to "JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS_TMP" if exists etc...


For more information about licenses, see "Installation " under "Installation" section in Neoload documentation.

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