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How to resolve 'NeoLoad certificate installation alert' in Google Chrome browser v67?

On Start of recording by choosing Chrome browser, 'NeoLoad certificate installation for HTTPs recordings' alert message is being displayed. I tried with both options 1.Start automatic installation and 2.Download the certificate and installed root certificate, added to Trusted Root Cert. Auth. as mentioned in Document. And re-started NeoLoad. Cleared browser cache and Tried. Not able to record any URL even http either.
I am using NeoLoad and Google Chrome Version 67.0.3396.87 (Official Build) (64-bit).110 on Wiindows 10 (64-bit) with 8GB RAM.

Also, I'm unable to open the logs folder from Help -> Logs folder in Neoload

Please help me out to resolve ASAP

Akhila K.
Akhila K.

Akhila K.

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The warning related to the certificate should not prevent you to record your applications. Since you are not able to record even HTTP application it means that the browser is not going through the NeoLoad proxy.

After starting a NeoLoad recording could you check your Chrome proxy settings and make sure that there's "localhost:8090" as proxy. It's the NeoLoad proxy. If not could you try to manually change your proxy settings to "localhost:8090" and launch your URL. Then check if NeoLoad is recording your application HTTPS or/and HTTP.