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I would like to split my shared license in multiple licenses so my developers can use it all together. Is it possible?

I have few developers that can design on NeoLoad at the same time but they all need their own license. I have a 1000 VU license for load test but it would be great if I can share it among my developers for design purpose

NeoLoad needs a license in order to be fully functional. There are two type of licenses: Standard and Shared.

The former has to be installed on each NeoLoad installation whereas the latter is installed on a license server.

A shared license can be reserved by NeoLoad and quickly released so it is available for someone else. A shared license can be split into several licenses. Instead of reserving the entire license, NeoLoad can reserve a subset number of VU's.

The minimum number of virtual users will be 50. That way, you will be able to split among your developers, and still be able to run load tests using the full number of VU's.


For more information, see “License” section in NeoLoad documentation.

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