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How to lease neoload web license from jenkins pipeline?

I am moving my shared license from neotys team server to neoload web.
So i have no idea how to lease license from neoload web.
i tried to search about it in neoload documentation and got the option like -leaseServer nlweb -leaseLicense 50:1. but i donot know where to pass the server address and username/password.

For sending the test results to neoload web i am using
-nlweb -nlwebAPIURL {URL}:{port} -nlwebToken $nlwebToken.

so please let me know the command line option for leasing the license with neoload web.


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Hi, I am trying to trigger a Neoload scenario from Jenkins that leases license from license configured in Neoload Web.
The console output from Jenkins build is as below.
Warning: the license ID for NLWeb lease is not used.
Found a valid NLWeb configuration : URL=[NLWEBAPIURL]
Leasing license licensevalue...
Leased license licensevalue with 6 web, 0 SAP VUs for 60 minutes(s).
Loading project: C:\...XYV.nlp
Project XCVZ loaded
Launching scenario: ZXC(00h:03m:00s)
At the beginning, output shows that license ID is not used , but in below lines it displays that license has been leased.
Hence its confusing as to what actually happened.
Please clarify. Thanks

Currently only one license is available on NeoLoad Web which is different from the NTS where you can have multiple licenses.

That "Warning: the license ID for NLWeb lease is not used." means that you do not have to provide a license ID when you lease a license on Neoload Web since only one license would be found and used.