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What is the best way to use NeoLoad in a multi-tester environment?

We have multiple script developers using floating design licenses and working on their own version of the project. We need to efficiently merge their contributions into a master project. Are there best practices for how to organize our work to better support this scenario, or tools to aid in tracking and reconciling changes, or techniques for extracting page data into textual form so that we can apply third-party tools such as source control?

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NeoLoad has an export/import feature that allows the merge of projects. Your developers can work on their project and export it in order to import their work to a master project.
NeoLoad is able to manage the eventual conflicts regarding the name of the objects.
So as guideline, you should ask your developers to remove all the unecessary objects before exporting the project. The goal is to avoid as much as possible the conflicts during the import.

By default, NeoLoad saves its configuration in a zip file.

If you would like to store the NeoLoad configuration in a source control system, you could configure NeoLoad to save its configuration in 3 different XML files to better manage the modifications.

It is done under menu "Edit-->Preferences-->Project settings tab-->Advanced"

In our next version, NeoLoad implements a collaborative mode that will completely suit your needs.
You will be able to have your project in a source control system and manage the modifications from all your developers.

You should get in touch with our sales to get more information about that new feature that will come very soon.