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How to create a scenario to run in a non gui Linux server

I am trying to create a scenario in a YAML file and run in a Linux server. But system thrown error message like incorrect population policy.

my scenario file like this ...


  • name: scenario1
  • populations:

    • name: MyPopulation
    • constant_load:
      users: 51
      duration: 2m
      start_after: 45s
      stop_after: 1m30s

      while running i entered...

      sudo sh NeoLoadCmd -project "/home/ec2-user/test.nlp" "/home/ec2-user/scenarios.yaml" -launch scenario1 -noGUI -NTS "" -NTSLogin "XXXXXX:YYYYYY==" -leaseLicense "AAAA==:100:1"

      leasing license was success and project got loaded successfully, but i got an error message saying ...

      java.lang.RuntimeException: Data Model is invalid. Violation Number: 1.
      Violation 1 - Incorrect value for 'scenarios[0].populations[0].load_policy': missing value.

      Reference :-

Venkata Suresh Babu G.
Venkata Suresh Babu G.

Venkata Suresh Babu G.

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