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How to create and run an API call (get request) in Linux server

I have created a test using Neo Load Designer (GUI), its an API call which uses get request which connects to AWS service and get the response. Now I wants to implement the same test in AWS cloud with Linux instance. I have created a Linux EC2 instance and installed Neload Controller 6.7 successfully. As linux wont support GUI, I wonder like which commands will support to create this scenario/test in linux server.

I have reviewed the below links but it could not help much..

Venkata Suresh Babu G.
Venkata Suresh Babu G.

Venkata Suresh Babu G.

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In the current release, recording and creation require the GUI. As it sounds like you are limited to headless mode, you could record on Windows and transfer the project to Linux for playback?

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