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how to test this scenario in Neoload

We are new to Neoload and would like to know how and can this scenario be done in Neoload. Our requirement is basically to attend an online interviews. The interviewer will login and candidate will login and then attend online interview. But I'm not sure how I can record this scenario since there are two sessions created in this case coz both candidate and interviewer has to login and on attending the interview they will have a common session. So please advice if this is possible to record in Neoload. Can I use incognito and the normal window to record and playback?

Joyce J.
Joyce J.

Joyce J.

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It's difficult to be 100% sure without more details on the application and the technology involves. But at first glance i would say yes. You will have to record the candidate and interviewer transactions.

If they need to share information you may have to use a shared queue in NeoLoad. Also there are some logical actions in NeoLoad designed for such situation like wait_until, while etc...

But again we can't provide more details since each application is different and needs to be handle differently.