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Is there a way to prevent SQL variables from running if the current User Path(s) are not using that data?

My organization's load test is very data driven when it comes to providing valid data into our HTTP requests. This requires us to use a high amount of SQL variables when providing data into our User Paths, since the data is environment specific and can be frequently changing.

Based on the complexity of our system, the queries required to get this data can take significant time to run (for example we will say ~30 seconds each). This presents a problem when we are executing (or even verifying) a User Path, since we observed that all SQL variables are executed, regardless if the SQL variable is being used in that User Path or not.

This created a bit of a headache when the user is simply trying to validate a single user path that might only use one SQL variable, but takes several minutes to start because all SQL variables are executed.

Is there a way, or future plans, to only execute SQL variables if the User Path(s) are actually referencing/using them?

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No it's not possible. The main reason is that we can't know in advance if a SQL variable is going to be used. In NeoLoad you can dynamically create variables for example through Javascript or combined them. So we can't be sure if a SQL variable will be needed or not.

Maybe there's a room for an enhancement where we could easily disable/enable those SQL variables before checking a virtual user or even running a test.

You could post an idea in the Ideas section to get feedback on this from the NeoLoad product manager.