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Can I reuse values from a file variable when there is an error or add it back to be used again?

I have a user path with a file variable set to change on each iteration and return the value <NO VALUE> when it runs out of values, then the user path checks for that and stops the user. This is because the user path has some transactions that can't be run twice for the same data due to how our application works.

But when it has errors before this point, for example if doesn't log in successfully, is there a way to use JavaScript or some other action to start a new iteration with the same values? Or a way to add those values back to the file variable to be used later?

When the test runs the full duration successfully, there are enough values in the CSV file to last the whole duration. But when there are temporary errors, it can run out of values early, and we're trying to avoid this by not discarding values that weren't really used because of early errors.

Thank you.

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Doug T.

Doug T.

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This is just an idea, but when data is taken but not used, maybe you can add that to a shared queue? a queue is designed to hold a list of single values but you could just add a separator (ie. name$address$etc). Then when you data runs out and you get the <no_value>, you switch to the queue and start consuming that data instead?