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How to iterate over a server for web services call ?


I succeded to make my first soap/ws call with neoload, however, I would like to know if it is possible to iterate over multiple servers.

For exemple, iterate over multiple weblogic instances:
I have 4 weblogic instances (on two different server) and the main goal here is:
1st itération : 1st weblogic instance
2nd itération: 2nd weblogic instance
3rd itération : 3rd weblogic instance
4th itération : 4th weblogic instance
5th itération : 1st weblogic instance
6th itération : 2nd weblogic instance
and so one

Thanks in advance.

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You can put a variable in the hostname field of the Server object so that you can dynamically hit different servers.

You can play with the value change policy of the Table variable to choose when hitting which server.