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Is there any way to check how long a test will run for?

I'm developing a Java application where I'd like to find out how long a test will run for, and if possible, the end date of the scenario that is currently being executed.

Is there any way to get this information, through the JavaScript API or the Runtime API? I was not able to find this in the documentation.

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I'm not sure to understand. When you configured a test you have three different ways to setup the test duration. First unlimited and in that case you can't tell when the test will finish since it's up to you to stop it when you want.

Second by iteration and so the test duration depends on how long last the interations for which you can't get an exact end date since it depends on the iterations. And finally you can setup your test by time duration and in that case the end date is known in advance.

So could you explain in which case you need that end date?

That being said using the NeoLoad API you can get the elapsed time of a test and the status of a test if it is in Running/Stopping status.