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Selenium Project Written in C# to be Integrated with Neoload

I have a Selenium test project written in C# which I want to integrate with NeoLoad. This Selenium automation uses NLWebDriver to drive the test and I was able to run this test as part of the "Action" in the UserPath in NeoLoad (after Publishing the mentioned Selenium test project in VS2015 and referencing the published .application file from NeoLoad as an “Executable Test Script” which seems to be the only option under "End User Experience" for Selenium automation script that is written in C# - please let me know if you know a better way of integrating C# Selenium with Neoload). However, I am now faced with three problems: 1) when I run the scenario in NeoLoad, it opens too many browser instances of client app - I want to run the scenario without launching any browsers or at least, be able to control the number of instances of client app. Another problem is that it does not log asserts which I coded in the Selenium automation project - is there a way to add customized logs in the NeoLoad Reports? Lastly, I cannot find a way to monitor the server (which is the target of the client instances) side performance while the scenario is running from NeoLoad. Could you please provide me with step-by-step instructions for resolving these three problems?

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Hi !

The Selenium driver allows you to do two kinds of integration with the same script: measure end user experience, or script maintenance (recording and update of a User Path).

I understand from your description that you want to get the end-user experience only. Do you confirm?

1) You can control the number of instance launched by defining the appropriate load policy. For the best control on the load, create a Population with 100% of the User Path that launches the Selenium script (and that does nothing else), then select this Population in the scenario and set the Load (typically a Constant load of 1 user to regularly execute your Selenium, one execution at a time)

2) There's no easy way to get a customized log in the report. NeoLoad can only get measurements through the Data Exchange API.

3) Regarding the Monitoring, you can define Monitors in the section "Design / Monitors". Get more information in the documentation: https://www.neotys.com/documents/doc/neoload/latest/en/ht...