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Selenium Neoload Integration

I am working on a perfromance script to integrate the Selenium scripts with Neoload. I have completed the integration part on the local machine and all is good up to this point. All the resources, jars, parameters and other dependencies are placed in the "custom-resources" folder of the project. Now the requirement is to export this project to a Load Controller and execute the selenium scripts wih a large user base. I see that there is no java and chrome browser available in the Load Controller /Generator. I am stuck at this point as the same scripts which ran locally does not get triggered on the LC. Please advise if java needs to be installed on the LC for successful execution of the selenium scripts and further if it needs to be installed on the the LGs as well?

Rahul N.
Rahul N.

Rahul N.

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Hi, I think you've answered your own question, Java is installed as part of the controller/LG software but as you mention above, the LG/LC machines don't have Chrome. Selenium needs a browser to drive