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Selenium NUnit C# Integration?


We are currently running a proof of concept on integrating NeoLoad into our pre-existing C# based Selenium NUnit projects, for use in performance testing. We have been able to integrate the NLWebDriver into our project by following the online support pages for Selenium, looking through the community and several videos including https://www.neotys.com/neoload/whats-new-in-neoload-5-4 which seems to be the closest to what we have, as most refer to Java rather than C#.

Unfortunately though we are unsure how to execute the tests in a way with NUnit (we currently use the NUnit 3 command line tool) whilst triggering the NeoLoad API. NUnit seems to be supported as an example is shown in the documentation for the latest version, but there seems to be no mention how to run this? (Tests run fine in Test Explorer but do not trigger the NeoLoad plugin).

currently via the command line we run:
nunit3-console "pathToProject\projectName.csproj"

The video in 5.4 seems to suggest
start project -nl.selenium.proxy.mode="Design" but this will not work for us as we are not running directly from program.cs but instead via the Nunit Console.

Would anyone have any experience of integrating Selenium with NeoLoad via C# and NUnit?

Chris T.
Chris T.

Chris T.

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