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What can cause NS-JOB-LOCATION-04 errors?

...Caused by: java.io.IOException: java.io.IOException: [ReliableServer:185497741@635718602]->[Locationlocalhost54f1555e67894c3b89be429554743388] cannot send data anymore since reliable transport is already disconnected.

Two profiles running on the same location, only 1 generates this error. No clues as to why in the core and location log files.

How should I reset communications, restart location service or restart neosense service?

Stephen P.
Stephen P.

Stephen P.

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Each profile will use its own engine on the location side. It seems that one of the engine is down. You can access the location and engine log files through the URL: https://<location_IP>:7203/status/get/?admin

You can restart the NeoSense location service. It will reset the engine.