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Virtual Users Distribution On Load Generators

In neoload, while running a load test consisting 35 scripts and each script population percentage is different. How are the users distributed across load generators?
e.g. If one script has 10 users, how are those 10 users distributed across 3 Load generators, will 10 be divided among 3 or only on one load generator?

vijaya S.
vijaya S.

vijaya S.

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There are two different things to consider in your question. First, by default the load is equally distributed across the load generators. So you're right if you have 10 users the load will be split into 3, 3 and 4 users for the LG's.

Now if you have percentage for your user paths in your population, it will still be the case so you do not know on which LG your virtua user will be executed.

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