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Do we need to upgrade load generator machine cofigurations if the virtual user license increased from 500 to 6000?

Currently we are using NeoLoad 5.0.2 and we have 3 load generator machines. Total 500 virtual users.
Recently we increased the Virtual users from 500 to 6000. Do we need to upgrade the load generator machine configurations as well to work fine as we increase our virtual user license from 500 to 6000?

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Santosh A.

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You may keep your current configuration but for sure you will have to add more LG's. If 3 LG's were enough for 500VU load then you should consider maybe 30 LG's at least for 6000 VU's load or less if those LG's were far from overloaded.

Otherwise you can add more RAM to your machines (and maybe CPU) to reduce the number of machines needed.