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How the user load will be distributed per script per cloud LGs during the load test

I have total of 5 scripts with a total target VU load to be injected with 66 VU.
We are using 3 cloud LGs.
The User Path Distribution per script are as follows S1 (26VU) and S2 to S5 having 10 VU each script.

Query1: How the scripts will be distributed across LGs?
(my understanding, all the scripts will be copied to all 3 LGs)

Query2: How the VU will be distributed to each LG?
(my understanding, equal distribution across LGs i.e. each LGs will be assigned with 22 VU.)

Query3: How the VU will be injected to each script per LG during the runtime?
(Does it follow equal distribution here as well e.g. Let LG1 will be spawning the load in following way
LG1 -> S1 (6VU) | S2 to S5 (4VU each script)?

Ashwani Kumar S.
Ashwani Kumar S.

Ashwani Kumar S.

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Nouredine A.

Nouredine A.

5000 / 5000

To make sure to use the same wordings. S1 to S5 are your user paths right?

If yes when you say user path distribution it's the load related to each user path right? So S1 26VU and the rest 10VU each.

If you would like that exact load for each user path either you put them on a single population with a percentage that will match more or less those values or you create 5 populations with each user path inside. In the case of 1 population you will set a 66VU load and for 5 populations you can assign the load mentioned above.

In both cases if you assign your 3 LG's to your single population or 5 ones the load is by default spread equally to these LG's meanings 22 users per LG. And each LG will execute your 5 user paths based on their load/percentage.

I hope it answers your questions.