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Long Time Extraction

I need to extract a variable of a long a server response (about 2700 lines). The boundary markers are simple and there is only one occurrence of the search variable. Nevertheless the extraction takes around 40 seconds (simple or advenced mode). I fear this will cause occasional errors (<not found> , due to a timeout ?).
Thank you for your help.

Gilles C.
Gilles C.

Gilles C.

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You won't get any timeout during the runtime but for sure it will use CPU on the LG and slowdown your script since NeoLoad will be blocked on that response.

There's probably a way to optimize your regular expression. I don't have your server response so it's difficult to tell much but you could try the following regexp in case if it works better. Switch in advanced mode and use ([\s\S]*?)

If it does not help and if it's a JSON response you could convert that response into an XML format from the NeoLoad preferences-->Project settings-->Module manager-->JSON tab.

It will convert all the requests/responses into an XML format. Then you could use an XPATH to extract you whole block. It should be much easier and efficient.