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Neoload taking long time to run "Check User Path Validity"

Neoload is taking long time to run "Check User Path Validity". It takes around 8-10 mins to check 1 user with 1 iteration. Moreover the same thing happens when running the whole project. Is there some changes I need to do to overcome the issue. This has happened recently and I dont recall performing any changes.
Neoload 6.10.0 is currently being used.

Abhinav S.
Abhinav S.

Abhinav S.

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Is it the starting of the load generator that is taking long time or even the execution of the user journey?

If it's during the replaying could you go to the advanced option of the checkvupanel and disable the HTML rendering and the caculation of the response differences?

Also make sure that you run your checkvu without replaying the thinktime.