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What is the reason for getting 417 error in response?

I am trying to do a script for the Customer Service Application, where orders will be created with customer and placed.When i validated the script,I am getting 417 error-Expectation failed in response of the request where customer will be assign to order and few subsequent reuest as well.Attached the request comparison for reference.FYI: i have correlated the dynamic values in the header of the request

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Abirami V.

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It's difficult to tell anything based on one screen shot. Most of the time this kind of replaying issue is due to dynamic values that were not properly correlated. You said that you handled them at the header level but did you handle all the dynamic values for the POST parameters?

Also sometimes the error appears on one request but the script failed before. You should double check that it's not the case.

You can also make two recordings of the same transactions and compare the same requests to make sure that you handled all the dynamic parameters.