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Dynatrace API call failed when HTTP GET

when i integrate neoload 7.5 with dynatrace by enabling the option in preference i am getting error "Dynatrace API call failed when HTTP GET "
Initially i got some cert error but for that i got resolution from another question, we were using a self signed certification so added that to the keystore.

Post this we are getting above error and there is a very large URL and response is
"Response is HTTP/1.1 414 URI Too Long <h1>Bad Message 414</h1><pre>reason: URI Too Long</pre> "

this error i am getting from neoload.log file and the test does not start i get a blank view in RuntimeOverview screen without any values.

Shravan V.
Shravan V.

Shravan V.

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Depending on the number of counters to retrieve the URL parameters of the GET requests can be too long. This is something that has been fixed in the latest integration with Dynatrace. Could you try with NeoLoad 7.9.xx?

For your information with the latest version the Dynatrace integration is now a built-in monitor and there's no need of advanced actions like in 7.5 NeoLoad version.