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Just an update..
after update the hostname in the Server element pay attention in your request headers once that updating the hostname in the Server doesn't update the host in the Request headers.

Neotys team, this could be an idea for a next release?

It does not modify the host in the recorded request which is expected. But if you replay your script the host value will be automatically updated.

In other words, it does not have any impact to modify that host header. You can still do it if needed by using the Search and replace features but again it's not mandatory.

I got it Nouredine/Christophe!
I was referring in the Request headers of the advanced parameters dialog in design.

The scenario is that I'm trying reuse a container from other vuser that was recorded in a previous version of Oracle EBS, however, I'm facing this response:
Details: Unknown HandlerID(s) found in request: [696]. Only handlerID(s) referencing existing components from session are allowed. Existing handlerId(s): [Empty]

Based on this response I was wondering that the request header could be impacting. My script is working until this reused container.
Tks folks.