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Concern in replay script after handling dynamic objects ?

We have recorded one order flow till shopping cart page and handled Dynamic objects in the script. While we trying to reply (check)same script after handing dynamic objects, Shopping cart getting two items one is recorded one and other one is replay. Please let us know how to handle this

Process: For each Order item one unique id will be created and we handled same dynamic id(unique id) which is recorded. When we trying to replay same script we are getting Recorded unique id and replay unique id

Application condition: Application will accept multiple items with single order

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Normally the the shopping cart remains if the user is still logged in. So my assumption is that when you are replaying you are still using the same user context and so the user still has the recorded shopping cart.

It could be because of dynamic parameters that you did not handle or you did not properly logout the user.

You should also remove your item from the shopping cart during the recording after adding it so it is not there anymore when replaying. It depends if you would like to complete the order process or not.