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Do I need oracle client/tnsnames.ora file installed on my server if i want to use oracle db monitor?

I have neoload installed on my windows 2012 server and I'm trying to run the oracle db monitor configuration locally on that machine. I don't have the oracle instant client installed or my pl sql developer, so no tnsnames.ora file exists on that server.. But Do I need to have that on the server in order to use this monitor?

Right now I'm getting an error when trying to connect "Ora-12505 TNS Listender does not currently know of SID given in connect descriptor.

I have the correct host name and database and login/password is correct, please let me know what I'm missing. I'm trying in classic mode.


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You do not need any Oracle client installed since NeoLoad uses the Oracle JDBC driver for the connection.

Your issue might be related to how you connect to your Oracle database. You may have to use an instance name.

In the Oracle monitor configuration in NeoLoad switch to advanced mode and use this kind of URL: jdbc:oracle:thin:@//<host>:<port>/<service_name>