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With HTTPS secure connection . Webscoket request is not getting sent and recording in neoload

My application establishes a webscoket conenction as part of HTTP session.
We have moved to HTTPS andupgraded to WSS connection .When i started recording with neoload websocket request is not getting captured andfrom the neoload .What to do

raj N.
raj N.

raj N.

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It might be an SSL handshake issue between your server and NeoLoad. Do you know which SSL version is expected by your server?

By default for WebSocket, NeoLoad is configured to use at most TLSv1.1. You add TLSv1.2 in the controller.properites file under [General] section. The key to modify is: "wss.protocols"

Also could you check the neoload log files in case you get errors related to WebSocket?