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Neoload Timeout error

I have increased the “runtime.connection.timeout “ and “runtime.so.timeout” in confiq file to around 10 minutes still I am facing below timeout error after 3 minutes.
In applciation also timeout is 60 minutes, Manually we are not facing this issue.


The default timeout in NeoLoad for runtime is 5 minutes. But you said that you get timeout error after 3 minutes. So even without modifying these settings you should not get such timeout error except if it does not come from NeoLoad.

What is the error details?


This is not a timeout error but an application error. That's why modifying the timeout in NeoLoad will not have any impact.

Do you always get such error after 180 seconds like in the screen shot?

Anyway that error seems more an application error. It might be the user that is not doing something correct.

You should check the previous server responses to make sure that you got more or less the same responses from the server.

If yes then you need to look at the request that is failing. You may not send the excepted parameters in that request and so the server is throwing that error.

Also if you have access to the developers of the application they should be able to help you since there's probably a full stack trace on the server logs related to that error.


You should be careful with the HTTP status code. No errors in the previous responses do not mean that everyghint went well.

You should compare the content of the response during validation and recording to make sure that everygthing went well.

If you are sure that it's the case and the issue is probably related to what you send on that request in error. You should check all the paramaters of that request in case you have some dynamic values.


murali krishna P.
murali krishna P.

murali krishna P.

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i too facing same error after 5 min i chaged the run time options still has the probem of idle timeout