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Question on run-time design

Hi, I am having question about run-time design.
I am trying to do the following:
Intially, one user start uploading document.
Then for every 45 second, a new user start uploading another document.
repeat above until 40 documents are uploaded.

I know there is a Ramp load variation policy, but what I want is that when a user finish its iteration, it stopped, not uploading anymore.

By using the Ramp load variation policy, when the first user finished uploaded a doc, it will start to upload another doc, which is what I dont want.

Hope I make this clear, can anyone give any suggestion?


Xiaozhi M.
Xiaozhi M.

Xiaozhi M.

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You could setup your test with an iteration duration policy.

Then as a load variation policy you can select a constant load of 40 virtual users for 1 iteration. You can delay the virtual users in the advanced settings of your population to start them in a specific period (45s in your case)  instead of starting them at the same time.

Basically you will get a ramp up of users that will upload once your document and stop.

You should check the NeoLoad documentation for more information here