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Am Getting NL-REDIRECT-03 error, while running the script. Please do help me.

I have recorded scenario to login to the application. Applications home page starts with prootocol, clicking on sign in navigates to sign page, sign page url starts with Before performing sign in action, am getting the particular error.

Please do the needful.


kiran P.
kiran P.

kiran P.

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That error is usually a consequence of a previous issue. It means that this request is configured to follow a redirection of the previous response but that previous server response did not make any redirection.

I can see in your screen shot that there's an error in your INIT container, could you check it?

Usually such replaying issue is due to dynamic parameters that were not correlated.

You should look at the NeoLoad documentation here where you have some examples on how to handle such dynamic parameters.

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