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Unable to record using NeoLoad with DIFFERENT PORT

In our application we have changed the port number in the URL link 80 to 82. While recording, the application is very slow. And we are getting page unresponsive frequently.
First of all I would like to know if we change the port number, the NeoLoad controller will affect the application? Because when I assign default port we don't face any problem.

Example: - In these URL 80 is my default port and there is no issue while recording with NeoLoad

But through or 83 or 84/demosite/ - it’s not working

Saravanan A.
Saravanan A.

Saravanan A.

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Your application should not matter when you record with NeoLoad. The NeoLoad default proxy port is 8090 so make sure that you did not change it.

There's probably something else that is disturbing the recording in your environment. Do you use a proxy to reach your application?

Do you have the same issue whatever the browser used during the NeoLoad recording?