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I would like an automated Jenkins run starts even if one of the load generators is not available

I use Jenkins to launch repetitive tests. If one of the load generators is not available the test is not launched and marked as failed. Would it be possible to select an option to allow the given project or a given Neoload installation to have the test triggered even if all ressources are not available at a given time ?

Jean-Philippe G.
Jean-Philippe G.

Jean-Philippe G.

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There's a limit in NeoLoad where a command line test is stopped if more than 20% of Load Generators are unavailable.

It means that with 5 LGs, the test will continue even if one is down.

This percentage can be changed in the properties file (conf/controller.properties),
Add the key "init.maxlgfailedpercentage=20" in the section "[Runtime]".